Prague – the Queen and a Slut

As all exceptional beauties, Prague attracts all kinds of attention. Apart from lovers of classical music, history and architecture geeks it also attracts greed and lust. So in Prague, next to the refined concert halls and striking palaces you can also find cheats, pickpockets, infamous bars, prostitutes, pimps…

Tours For Weasels and Goats

He came on my tour which I was doing for a free tour company. That means the tour is based on tips only and regardless of the amount you are given, you still need to pay the company for each and every participant a fixed fee. Capitalism at its peak and a cheat considering everyone […]

I’ve Found the Perfect One

I have fallen in love and at the first sight. You would as well if you had as many to compare as I do. Really, I cannot say how many times I have been let down by a café in Prague. Far too many of them are unpleasantly noisy, have a hectic feel, are unappealing […]