Ouky Dory

I’m sitting at the table where I have sat a good few times before. Being here still gives my heart a distinctive feeling of love as fragile as autumn leaves but also memories of some special moments, too.

Let’s Float in the Art

This is a place I really like going to. It’s so convenient. If I finish work by the astronomical clock, I can easily walk there in fifteen minutes. Fantastic! I think it’s been made to calm down my always busy mind. It’s usually water, some stream, waterfall or river or even fire that does that […]

Pagan Features of Czech Easter

Do you associate Easter with painted eggs, flowers, chocolate bunnies or the church? Well, I don’t. Since I was a girl, Easter has been my least favourite holiday and for a long time it has been rather traumatizing. And I’m certainly not the only woman who has these feelings. This is because the most distinctive […]

Beggars of Prague

Of course we have them and visitors notice them. To my surprise though, they most often ask: “How come those begging are so behaved?” My guests often tell me that in other countries beggars are much more aggresive and persistent: pulling their sleeves, walking with them for miles, talking to them or just repeating some […]