British Rising Star in a Falling Star of Prague

The delayed plane from Vienna finally landed at Prague’s airport. It was late at night and it was snowing heavily. Together with two other foreigners, he checked in to the Ambassador hotel on Wenceslas square.

Blog1BAt 1:30 a.m. they were starving but not a single shop or a pub or a bar was opened. The porter suggested they could try their luck in the basement of the hotel where employees’ ball was taking  place. There they found out they were not only ones looking for something to eat. The Venezuelan ambassador was there too and was now clumsily dancing with a XXXL sized cook.

This is a story from Prague. Is it hard to believe it? Well, it really happened. The date was 24th February 1948. Our foreigner arriving from Vienna came to Prague to observe the communist coup d’etat. He was a secret agent of British MI6 and his name was Graham Greene.


It is a fairly well known fact that the best writers of spy stories come from the ranks of secret agents such as Graham Greene. It was a pity his and Prague‘s fate did not synchronize when they met. While Mr Greene’s star was rising, Prague and the whole of was then then Czechoslovakia fell into darkness misruled by the communist party which lasted 41 years.

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