CMC, Good Hands in Prague

Dear girls, ladies and here and there some gentlemen,

Let me tell you a real story which sounds like a fairy tale without a happy ending.

Some time ago there was a girl who worked as a tour guide. She was cheerful, energetic, good with people, fit and slim like a twig. She only had one fault: she smoked and one man who liked her saw that as a big problem. So she decided to stop.

twigAnd she did. Medicine, electronic cigarettes at the beginning and the motivation helped. The guy didn’t last but she did and didn’t start smoking even when life blew him away. However she gained something instead – a few kilos invaded her twig body and it began to look like a baroque tree in the royal gardens at Prague castle! And it seemed impossible to shake off the alien flesh that was now her.

She suffered as she didn’t feel to be in her skin as Czech people say. And nothing seemed to help. Until one day…

One day out of the blue she was contacted by an unknown man who told her about a magic chateau where people whose bodies are upset or sad find help. So she went there. If she hadn’t been used to palaces, castles, chambers and such, she would have felt like in a dream or like a princess. What a building! Lovely large rooms, statues, quiet and at the back a tranquilizing garden. There were some porters who were suspicious, as some people in those positions are, but then a white knight appeared and saved the perfect dream.

He was incredibly tall so she immediately felt he would protect her. He talked to her about her worries with concern but also with humour and a smile. He considered and respected her lifestyle, tastes and who she was in life. Then he gave her advice. Easy! Eat what you want but only until 2 p.m. Then only proteins and vegetables but as much as you like! Stop exercising, you walk and move enough! Don’t eat before going to bed, otherwise you rob yourself of one hour of sleep! Stop drinking diet coke and thus telling your body to send you unnecessary insulin, it makes you actually tired! Oh wow, she could not have felt better even on cloud 9, so uninvasive the suggested changes sounded.

A week later she was surprised what impact the knight’s words had had. She was buying snacks to eat before lunch and yoghurts for the evenings. She felt a bit lighter even. But then… CMC

Then her good friend passed away. She was so alone with her pain. Some other worries accumulated. She took a cigarette. Then two. Then she bought a packet. Damn it! Now if she loses weight, it might as well be that she is a smoker again. She used to think that smoking speeds up the metabolism but the knight explained that the body is fighting the harm and uses energy to repair the damage…

Still, that experience stays with her. She knows where to go when her teeth, musculoskeletal system or nutrition or anything else starts flashing in alarm. She would even send her friends or guests from abroad there because they all speak English in that chateau. They would be in good hands there. They are called CMC, Canadian Medical Care.

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