Instagram Increases Love for Humankind

Instagram is healthy. I would prescribe it to anyone who despairs of us people, has given up on mankind, keeps having unpleasant experiences with their neighbors but also to those who want to see their value.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInstagram does not use words very much. Men, women, teenagers and sometimes even kids put their photos and from time to time videos there. The captiones are secondary, I personally read them only when something makes me particularly curious about the location.

Opening Instagram is then like a stream of images. It is a procession of places, everyday objects, details of architecture, colours, flowers, works of art, fashion, faces, whatever you can imagine. I always feel refreshed and excited looking at scenes I cannot see in my country, objects other people have created or appreciated enough to stop and capture them with their camera or mobile phone. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Since I started using Instagram I like the world and people more. The world is full of beauty be it natural or man-made. People all over the planet perceive the world and appreciate it. Lots of people love animals and like taking photos of their feet, movements, expressions. There are lots of us who pay attention to details or who can find beauty in shadows, peeled plaster or drops of rain. This all made me stop being skeptical about mankind and believe in the good in us more.

Instagram also influences me as an individual. I have always liked looking around and sharing things. Having the media where I can place the photos has made me even more alert and observant. Also, I admit it, receiving small hearts if my photo is liked makes me happy. Before joining Instagram my photos were generally speaking not appreciated by anyone.

Join Instagram then! Photos are powerful and your way of seeing the world is important.


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