Let’s Float in the Art

This is a place I really like going to. It’s so convenient. If I finish work by the astronomical clock, I can easily walk there in fifteen minutes. Fantastic!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think it’s been made to calm down my always busy mind. It’s usually water, some stream, waterfall or river or even fire that does that to people. With me looking down a fairly busy street is what I find utterly relaxing or even hypnotizing. Therefore I need windows in a café to be happy. Well, this café… oh my god, it’s wonderful, it’s all one window! It’s so glassy that if you sit there when it starts getting dark you can gradually start seeing yourself sitting beside you suspended above the street together with your floating drink. The café is fairly high up, it’s somewhere between the second and third floors of the buildings across the street which accents the feeling of being uplifted above everything ordinary.

nona2You can be watching the street with trams, cars and passers-by or sitting in a quieter part with a view into a garden or a yard. I know it’s considered rude but I really like listening to what people there are talking about. Often they are artists, actors discussing acting techniques, playwrights talking about plots, illustrators chosing the visual expression of a concept or an idea, critics evaluating a play. I always feel: wow, there are so many people involved or interested in art! The world cannot be that bad then!

I think I have no objections about this place. The only time I’m annoyed with them is when I cannot find a seat. They sometimes allow smoking in two – and I should say less popular – parts which might be a problem for some. But come on, we’re in Bohemia, artists are bohemians twice as much, we should forgive them that. Also we can be sticking our tongue out at the arrogant Slavia café which is just across the street from there.

A great relaxed place this café is. NoNa, in the building of the New Scene of the National Theatre in Prague.

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