Pagan Features of Czech Easter

Do you associate Easter with painted eggs, flowers, chocolate bunnies or the church? Well, I don’t. Since I was a girl, Easter has been my least favourite holiday and for a long time it has been rather traumatizing. And I’m certainly not the only woman who has these feelings.


This is because the most distinctive feature of Easter in this country is the custom of – hitting women. The whole thing comes from pre-christian times when men believed that to wake their women up after long winter they should whip them with some young green twigs and thus bring them fertility. Women then, in return, were handing them eggs as symbols of new life.

However, what is supposed to be whipping often turns into unpleasant and even painful moments for girls and women now. Men, while visiting them, do not carry a twig but huge wooden spoons or plaited osier sticks and often do not hesitate to use them with gusto. Even more so because these days rather than an egg, white or painted, they like to be served shots of alcoholOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fortunately, however one might be fond of traditions, more and more people prefer to use the Easter holiday in a different way. Lots of Czechs go on biking trips, go hiking or even attend services in church and pay attention to their spiritual life rather than take part in customs that nowadays ladies find humiliating. Thank Christ!

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