Ouky Dory

I’m sitting at the table where I have sat a good few times before. Being here still gives my heart a distinctive feeling of love as fragile as autumn leaves but also memories of some special moments, too.

Let’s Float in the Art

This is a place I really like going to. It’s so convenient. If I finish work by the astronomical clock, I can easily walk there in fifteen minutes. Fantastic! I think it’s been made to calm down my always busy mind. It’s usually water, some stream, waterfall or river or even fire that does that […]

Pagan Features of Czech Easter

Do you associate Easter with painted eggs, flowers, chocolate bunnies or the church? Well, I don’t. Since I was a girl, Easter has been my least favourite holiday and for a long time it has been rather traumatizing. And I’m certainly not the only woman who has these feelings. This is because the most distinctive […]

Beggars of Prague

Of course we have them and visitors notice them. To my surprise though, they most often ask: “How come those begging are so behaved?” My guests often tell me that in other countries beggars are much more aggresive and persistent: pulling their sleeves, walking with them for miles, talking to them or just repeating some […]

Czech March – a National Month of Reading

Apparently books are the most popular presents for us Czechs. They probably always have been because I remember that even when I was attending elementary school, kids were always talking about the books they got for Christmas or for good grades at the end of the school year.

Czech Most Loved Cartoon Face

If you visit Prague, you too will come across him. A small toy-animal with black fur, a sweet face, a clown’s nose sticking out and huge eyes. On my tours I am often asked who he is and whether he is a cat or a bear and why he is sold just about everywhere.