Evil Regimes in Beautiful Prague (with a coffee break)

After this tour you will see Prague in different light. You will find out what the city as well as the country and its citizens experienced between the years 1918 and 1989 but especially during the Second World War and during the communist rule between 1948 and 1989. Some of the most famous and the most beautiful buildings bear dark history which will surprise you and give you shivers.


Municipal House

commtour1During the Great War our country was still the Czech kingdom within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. However, immediately after the end of the war the first democratic Czechoslovak Republic was established and its constitution was one of the most advanced in the world. How did a small nation manage to free itself and how many people made it happen? How was the brand new country of 15 million doing? A rather amazing story of the strong will of one extraordinary man and of our country free of foreign rule for the first time in history will be revealed to you here.

Streets off Wenceslas Square


Some streets look happier than others. On this tour we will take you to see the streets which bear witness to Nazism, the extermination of our Jewish community and brutal Nazi attacks against the Czech population as well as to the post war communist rule.

Wenceslas Square

The heart of the city is much more than a shopping area. Whenever something important happened in our country in the 20th century, it happened or was reflected there. There were times when the square was full of liberating soldiers as well as occupying forces, protesting crowds as well as policemen suppressing them. It is a place where Czechs demonstrated that they were willing to die for our country and its freedom. A must see to understand.

P6National Boulevard

The street where the fall of communism in our country started. We will share the story of the Velvet Revolution with you and then take you to a café which used to be a traditional intellectual center and a meeting point of dissidents too. Maybe you will be able to imagine what it must have been like to go to meet your friends there with a secret police agent in tow.


Jan Palach Square and the riverbank walk

There is a good reason for naming this square after Jan Palach, a brave young man whose story you will be familiar with. Besides remembering Jan Palach and events in 1968 and 1969, we will share what was happening in buildings around us during the Second World War and you will see the spot where the largest statue of Joseph Stalin once overlooked the city.

The Jewish Quarter Jcem1

This district of Prague is wrapped in many myths and urban legends regarding its history, the Second World War included. Why is the Jewish Quarter of Prague so well preserved? What happened with our Jewish community during the war? What were the buildings used for in those days? These are the questions we will answer there.

The Old Town Square

The square is definitely one of the most beautiful places you can find in Prague. However, even this square has not escaped damage and disasters. We will look around and surprise you with explanations of how the buildings were affected by the war and which building the communists used to announce their rule which lasted more than 40 years.

Duration of the tour: 3 hours

Price 60€ or TripAdvisor, Viator

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