Jewish Quarter including interiors

This tour will make your heart beat ever faster the more you hear about the tragic fate of the area now called Josefov, and especially the people who used to live there. The sights that have been preserved until today stand like the last surviving heroes giving their testimony about the Josefov community from the beginnings of the settlement in the 12th century up til now.


PH13-synagoga5 synagogues including one of the oldest surviving synagogues outside Israel, a synagogue turned into one of the most moving memorials to Holocaust victims or the first reformed synagogue in Prague built and decorated – at first sight quite surprisingly – in Arabic style.

PH14-ObradniSinObřadní síň (The Ceremonial Hall)

Even though this building dates back only to the early 20th century, it is connected with the 16th century Burial Society. The members not only took care of funerals but also much more for their community. They also provided European Jewish communities with one important and binding document.

PH15-hrbitovStarý židovský hřbitov (The Old Jewish Cemetery)

Sadly, the cemetery used to be the only place where the people of the past could see something green in the Jewish quarter. Otherwise, there used to be no space for luxuries like gardens. Why is the cemetery behind a massive tall wall though, and how come it is rather small considering funerals took place there for centuries?

Franz Kafka monument and sights

The best known author of Jewish origin writing in the German language at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. His work reflects the situation and feelings of many from the same period of time and environment, yet still touches the hearts of readers today. Let’s see where it takes you if you follow the direction in which the figure in his memorial is pointing.


Duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours

Prices 75€ or TripAdvisor

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