Old Town highlights and secrets

A walk through the old town of Prague is amazing on its own, but facts and stories I’ll share with you will enrich your experience and deepen your sense of wonder. Enter the area that was first historically recorded in the 10th century, see the breathtakingly beautiful churches and palaces but also wander the streets that most guide books don’t even mention, despite their charm.


PH7-ObecniDumObecní dům (Municipal House)

One of the prime examples of art nouveau design in Prague and and the building that gave the area its name: the square of the Republic. How did it happen and why was this place more important than Prague Castle in the 14th and 15th centuries?


The beginnings of Ungelt date back to the 10th century and it used to be one of the busiest spots of the city under the direct control of the ruler for centuries. You can find quaint, interesting shops and lovely restaurants there now, but what was this space’s original purpose?

PH9-StinadlaStínadla and Na Františku

In the past, this was a labyrinth of crooked streets with houses made of packed dirt inhabited by the poorest of the poor. The area has changed but at the same time something has remained – strange silence, a certain melancholy, one of the oldest convents in Prague and a hospital significant since medieval times.

PH10-StaromakStaroměstské náměstí (Old Town square)

This space will take your breath away, especially when you realize it has existed since the 10th century! Now, surrounded by architectural jewels from different eras, it truly is a feast for the eyes.


The result of a centuries long construction effort, it used to house the most important monastic order in the country: the Jesuits. They provided high quality education, brought a lot of culture to the city and even set up the first nativity scene in the country. Yet in the minds of the Czechs, they are linked with evil. Strange, don’t you think?

Stitched PanoramaStaroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall)

The former seat of the most influential political center in the country in all its glory. Well, the glory that has remained, at least. Apart from a proud tower, a splendid astronomical clock and one wing, some parts of it were swept away by brutal force. This escapes far too many thanks to a common yet false belief that Prague did not suffer any damage during the Second World War.


Duration of the tour is approximately 2,5 hours

Prices 60€ or TripAdvisor, Viator

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