Prague Castle complex inside out

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrague Castle is not one building, it is an area of about 70 thousand square meters full of both secular and religious buildings, monuments, towers, obvious and hidden gems and meanings. This political center of the country is beautified by the breathtaking gardens with incredible views of the city of Prague. On this tour you will see everything there is to see and you will discover history of this governing center that dates back to 880. Apart from all the gardens around the castle and exteriors you will enter:

St Vitus Cathedral

the spiritual center of the country and the third largest cathedral in Europe, the greater part of which was created by a 14th century builder and a genius

Old Royal Palace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAformer residence of kings later turned into the administrative center of the country which contains the largest secular space in Europe of the early 16th century. Sadly, it was also here where the Thirty Year War started in 1618. After your visit you will know all about it and you will also know what the Czech coronation jewels look like.

Basilica of St George

the oldest building in Prague still in use and once the second most important spiritual center of the area. In the basilica you will not only see beautiful architecture but you will also find out that from the start it was connected with strong and capeable women of the first Czech ruling Přemyslid dynasty.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Golden Lane

the line of buildings nestling by the wall, the wall itself and the towers – three places with their own unique past. When you leave Golden Lane you will know what a medieval prison looked like but also that houses that now look so cute and lovely used to be very poor accommodation.

Duration of the tour is 3 hours

Price 65€ Booking by email Here

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