Revealing Prague Castle

On this tour you will slowly discover Prague Castle‘s surroundings. In areas that were once its mere outskirts or a part of its fortifications, you will see some of the most exquisite sights and through their history you will get a vivid picture of the past which will help you appreciate the jewel in their centre – Prague Castle itself. Along the way, you’ll also learn some rather amazing facts about the place.



Why is the name of this area connected with the fire? Is it because of disasters or because of the people who were believed to sell their souls to the Devil?

Strahovský klášter (Strahov monastery)PH3-Strahov

One of the oldest monasteries in Bohemia, where you can refresh your body, mind and spirit. You can even get tipsy and you’ll still be doing nothing wrong. But how come?


Beautiful, isn’t it? However, the construction of this well known and popular sight involved a lot of suffering. Besides, why are there so many churches in the country where only 16% of the population believe there is a God?

Hradčany (Prague Castle district)PH5-Hradcany

The most beautiful palaces and a piece of art very typical for Bohemia but not really anywhere else!

PH6-HradPrague Castle

The only historical complex of buildings in Europe that has kept its position as a political centre of a country for 11 centuries. That amount of time makes the place incredibly rich in history, to which each building gives its own unique testimony.


Duration of the tour is approximately 2,5 hours

Prices 65€ or TripAdvisor, Viator

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